Ref 4 Ref, or $30 on green for yournintendowii4free-(TRAINN)

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10-11-2007 12:14:39

Hello! D I am currently looking for a few honest traders to complete yournintendowii4free-(Trainn).

It takes only 1 lev. a offer to go green here. alot of cool, cheap offers too!
Here is the view offer link.....


I am offering ref 4 ref-(pm w/your sites and i'll see if i have done them yet)

I am paying $30 on green via paypal.

post here or pm me if interested!


12-11-2007 03:11:49

bump! D


12-11-2007 10:44:24

The sites I need done are listed below. If you can trade for any of them, pm me and we'll see what we can do. )