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08-11-2007 15:51:19

I'm looking for some one who can ref Its any easy site, alot of non CC offers. Ebay sign up being the easiest. I am willing to do any non CC sites in return. Being that I'm new here, I assume I will have to go first, which is not a problem, but would like to trade with someone respectable. Let me know. is the only site I am signed up for so I have alot to offer. Just can't do any CC offers. LEt me know if we can work something out.

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sandra habina

08-11-2007 19:42:18

Hello, I have a few sites that may interest you. I have already done PS34Free but I will gladly pay you for your greens on no cc offers.


14-11-2007 12:12:42

You need to remove your refferral link!


14-11-2007 19:45:29