Need Some Greens !

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08-11-2007 11:50:05

[b6e8bb7f808]I am going to need your help and you can green for no cost at all I need 10 refs who are looking to green there is no cost at all involved many great trials for more information on the site and an offer list send me a PM. $20 on Green . Fast Payout ! Great Easy Crediting Offers .

No Cost Green for You Easy $20 !

Or send me an instant message if Im away I'll return your message.

Refs needed as many as possible payment $20 on Green ![/size6e8bb7f808][/b6e8bb7f808]


08-11-2007 14:13:00

will you set up the trades and i will do


08-11-2007 14:35:40

pmed for more info