paying u paypal for f4e1

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06-11-2007 10:47:18

currently i am only working on 1 site right now. i need 4 more referals on it for it to be completed. this is a no cc site and very easy to complete. wont cost you a dime. great way for beginners to start to build some trade rep.

[code1a058790248]$5 for green $6 if instant(up to 12hours)[/code1a058790248]
if you feel that this price is too low then tell me

[ba058790248]Rules of my trades![/ba058790248]
[lista058790248]1. I dont payout til you green
2. 14days after trade has been setup if i dont hear from you after me trying to contact you then i will cancel the trade. must keep me updated on how the trade is going if it takes longer then expected.[/listua058790248]