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03-11-2007 16:20:15

Hi! Let me introduce myself, I am Chelle, a Stay At Home Mom (sahm) of 4, and I am ready to work with you to get us both paid!

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I have trained others to go [color=green6d74bf5c7c]Green[/color6d74bf5c7c], and the one thing that stood out to them was my [u6d74bf5c7c]patience[/u6d74bf5c7c] when working with them.

I look forward to working with you too!

[b6d74bf5c7c]You MUST have a [color=Blue6d74bf5c7c]PayPal[/color6d74bf5c7c] account to get paid, and you MUST have a [color=Blue6d74bf5c7c]CC[/color6d74bf5c7c] to do these offers![/b6d74bf5c7c]
November Contest![/b6d74bf5c7c][/u6d74bf5c7c][/size6d74bf5c7c]

Each person who goes [color=Green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c] (and stays green!!) on one of my freebie sites this month will be entered into my drawing! Each [color=Green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c] is worth 1 entry into the drawing! So if you green on 2 of my sites, you would get 2 entries into the drawing and so on! The first name I draw will get to choose one of the following prizes, the second name I draw will get to choose from the remaining prizes, and the last name drawn will get the remaining prize.

[color=Navy6d74bf5c7c]1st prize[/color6d74bf5c7c] I will offer my web design services to one winner, and create a personal website for that person. The winner can use it as advertisement for their freebie sites, or create a family website. Free domain name for 1 year, and free web hosting for the first month (winner will sign up themselves but I will reimburse them the cost). Plus, I would be their personal website designer for 1 month creating a special website just for them. Details will be given when I draw the winner.

[color=Navy6d74bf5c7c]2nd prize[/color6d74bf5c7c] A custom made crochet afghan, created by me. The winner would choose their colors, and I would crochet their afghan to be sent to them no later than one month after we agree on color choices.

[color=Navy6d74bf5c7c]3rd prize[/color6d74bf5c7c] $20 cash via PayPal

Good luck!

[size=186d74bf5c7c][u6d74bf5c7c][b6d74bf5c7c][color=Green6d74bf5c7c]Sites Im working on[/color6d74bf5c7c][/b6d74bf5c7c][/u6d74bf5c7c][/size6d74bf5c7c] I pay $20 on [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]~ 1 credit site liEasy Site!li Repeatable! (need 3 more!) I pay $20 on [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]~ 1 credit site liEasy Site!li Repeatable! (need 3 more) I pay $37 on [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]~ 1 credit site liEasy Site!li Repeatable! (need only 1 more!!) I pay $23 on [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]~ Complete 1 Offer for FULL Credit! liEasy Site!li (need 6 more)

I Do NOT pressure you to go green within 24 hours! Too much stress!!
Keep me up to date on where you are with your offers. If I dont hear from
you after 3 days of sign up, I reserve the right to cancel our trade.

What does it mean to go [color=green6d74bf5c7c]"GREEN"[/color6d74bf5c7c]?

1. Sign up at the website through the referral link I send you
2. Complete offers until you receive 1 full credit (or 100% credit)
3. Sign up at the website and offer sites with your correct information
4. Keep the offer through the trial period or longer

Very easy, right?

What does it mean to go [color=red6d74bf5c7c]"Red"[/color6d74bf5c7c]?

1. Canceling an offer too early. If you cancel your offer a day or two after signing up, they will pull your credit!
I wont receive credit for you as my referral, and you cant get your own referrals for your prize either.
2. Signing up for offers with FALSE information. Dont fraud the offer websites, use your real information please!!

I pay through PayPal only! You MUST be PayPal verified to get paid!! I pay immediately when you Green!! liliPlease be patient if Im not yet onlinelili If you go RED I will demand my money back that I paid you for [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]. I only pay on [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c], and expect you to hold up your end of the deal and stay [color=green6d74bf5c7c]GREEN[/color6d74bf5c7c]!

A [u6d74bf5c7c]Repeatable website[/u6d74bf5c7c] means that once you have completed your credit(s) and have all of your referrals to cash out (get your prize), you can get more referrals and cash out as many times as you can get new referrals! So there's no limit to how much money you can make on that website! Sounds pretty cool to me!

[b6d74bf5c7c]Need Help?[/b6d74bf5c7c]

I will walk you through completing a credit if you've never done it before or need more help! I am available on Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messnger, and am almost always on if you need me.

I have written out a quick guide to refer to once you get going to help you remember how to successfully complete a credit and the steps you need to take to get there.

Let's work together!

The fastest way to get a hold of me is to first Post A Comment Here to let me know you're interested, and then send me a PM (private message) by clicking on my username to the left, then click on Send a private message.

Do Not sign up for a website without first contacting me! I will send you my referral link to sign up from!!

[img="6d74bf5c7c]http//[" alt=""/img6d74bf5c7c]

[b6d74bf5c7c]How have I made $750 profit so far? I started out completing offers for others and getting paid. I saved up that money, then found my own 3 referrals for a zeropricetags site and cashed out my very first prize for $120. I then used that prize to pay for more referrals as well!

Check out my [url==http//][u6d74bf5c7c]Trophy Case[/u6d74bf5c7c][=http//][u6d74bf5c7c]Trophy Case[/u6d74bf5c7c][/url] for more info and screen shots of prize payments received![/b6d74bf5c7c]

[img="6d74bf5c7c]http/" alt=""/[/img6d74bf5c7c]


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