$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____$20 ON GREEN_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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31-10-2007 23:11:50

$20 on green. $1 offer

[u07fc34ca7f][b07fc34ca7f]PAYMENT [/b07fc34ca7f][/u07fc34ca7f]$20[/color07fc34ca7f]
[b07fc34ca7f][u07fc34ca7f]COST OF OFFER[/u07fc34ca7f][/b07fc34ca7f] $1[/color07fc34ca7f]

Only one offer which is $1, but that is only the cost of CC validation.
It is a [u07fc34ca7f][b07fc34ca7f]REAL FREE membership[/b07fc34ca7f][/u07fc34ca7f][/color07fc34ca7f]
The offer is not a trial, it is free for life, with an OPTION to upgrade.

Post on this thread if your interested.