Veteran Trader (1 Year) Offering ~*FAST PAYMENTS~* On GREEN

Live forum:

31-10-2007 05:31:28


Candy.OrderGiftsFree $22 On GREEN 1 Credit (Site Pays $40/ref)

FastFood.OrderGiftsFree $22 On GREEN 1 Credit (Site Pays $40/ref)

Ps3.OrderGiftsFree $22 On GREEN 1 Credit (Site Pays $40/ref)

Paypal.OrderGiftsFree $50 On GREEN 2 Credits (Site Pays $80/ref)

Computers.OrderGiftsFree $77 On GREEN 3 Credits (Site Pays $120/ref)

~liI Pay My Referrals Over 65% Of the Profit!~li

~liI Have 100% iTrader FeedBack~li

Terms and Conditions

1. All Payments Are On GREEN

2. All Of My Sites Credit Instantly

3. I Must Be Refunded Completely If You Go Red

4. $5 Bonus If You Complete 2 Sites For Me


[u571bbc7c5a]Just last week, they added 14 new $1 trials on all of their sites![/u571bbc7c5a]

OGF Now Accepts Manual Credit Requests So No More Fear Of Not Receiving Credit For Your Completed Offers![/color571bbc7c5a] [/size571bbc7c5a]

[i571bbc7c5a]About Myself - I have been trading on referral sites for almost a year now, and on FreeLunchRoom since this past June. I have 100% Feedback on FreeLunchRoom and the 2 other forums that I trade on. (pm me for more details and I will give you the sites - same username)

[i571bbc7c5a]Through FreeLunchRoom and FreeIpodGuide, I now have a steady income in the amount of hundreds of dollars a week - see my thread in the Trophy Case for pictures[/i571bbc7c5a]
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Good Luck[/b571bbc7c5a]