Will TRADE Green 4 Green on TraInn sites!!!

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28-10-2007 11:28:30

Hello Everyone!

I am working TraInn sites right now and would like to Trade GREEN 4 GREEN on any TraInn sites. The 2 sites that I have are YourIpodNano4free.com & YourPS34Free.com

The only ones that I cannot do are
YourFreeVideoIpods.com (already completed)
YourIpodNano4free.com (working on)
YourPS34Free.com (working on)

If you have any other TraInn sites besides those 3, pm me. Thanks and Happy Trading!!! D


25-01-2008 19:43:14


I'd love to do your ipod site in exchange for my 360elite4free.com site. Let me know if you're interested!


25-01-2008 20:14:23

Hi I can do your freevideoipods site for your freeiphone or yourfreeistuff


25-01-2008 23:41:12

hi i have the dvdrecorder trainn ..i would like to get the youripodnan4free site please pm me if you would like to do a green 4 green,,thanks terry