~THIS WEEK ONLY~Paying 70% of my ref~Instant Payment~

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27-10-2007 12:59:31

[b23748b7e45]Hi and thanks for checking out my thread. This deal is only available for this week! So act now.

Trade with an honest trader. I have +4 TR on FLR, +37 on A4F, +1 on FIG, and am Paypal Verified. I am looking to build a trade record here so I have no intention of scamming anyone.

I pay immediately on green and am paying the highest amount on the forum. I am paying you 70% of what I make. That is unheard of!

I am paying for the following sites

1. Dell.V-Bux.com ------> $70 ($55+ $15 BONUS if green within 24 hrs)
2. Sony.v-bux.com -----> $70 ($55 + $15 BONUS if green within 24 hrs)
3. Apple.V-Bux.com ----> $56 ($40 + $16 BONUS if green within 24 hrs)
4. Bose.v-bux.com -------> $56 ($40 + $16 BONUS if green within 24 hrs)
5. Logitech.v-bux.com ---------> $42 ($30 +$12 BONUS if green within 24 hrs)

Newbies are welcomed. I will answer any questions you may have and help you with anything you need.

If you are interested please RESPOND TO THIS THREAD or send me a PM and I will set up the trade with you. Thanks again for visiting.[/b23748b7e45]


28-10-2007 18:57:06

bump it up. over 455 paid so far.


29-10-2007 06:54:19

i am interested in these sexy offer


29-10-2007 19:40:44



30-10-2007 19:30:35

bump it up. time is running out . act now.


31-10-2007 17:37:17

bump it up. only a few days left.


01-11-2007 20:43:36

bump it up. Last night. Send me a message.


02-11-2007 17:57:00

tonight is the final night