Who wants to make a quick $80?? newbies welcomed!!

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25-10-2007 22:12:59

I am now trying on a network other then trainn and have moved on to one that pays more for each credit. Right now I am offering $50 for logitech.v-bux and $30 for sony.v-bux!! I will pay you on green if you are verified and if not I will pay you within a couple days if you have very low TR. I will also help you through the signup process and give you any advice you may need through out the trade. I check my PMs a few times a day so you will get quick answers from me all the time. I am also available on AIM upon request. Just read my sig and shoot me a PM to get started! NEWBIES are very welcome


25-10-2007 22:14:06

also, if someone can fix my sig, please do so... I don't know what I did wrong in it but you can see exactly what I typed thanks!!