Completing a FEW Sites Tonight, Highest Bidder!

Live forum:


22-10-2007 15:24:50

[b290edb6165]Hey everyone, i'm no newbie, i'm just lookin' to do a site or two tonight to pick up some quick cash.[/b290edb6165]

[b290edb6165]Here's The Guidelines[/b290edb6165]

[b290edb6165]1. Must have TR over 5 (unless we've previously traded)!

2. Must be paying over 28$ for 1 credit sites, over 60$ for 2 credit sites!

3. Must be paying on green![/b290edb6165][/color290edb6165][/size290edb6165]

[b290edb6165]If you fit this criteria, PM me with your offers, DON'T just give me a link with your Trade Threads![/b290edb6165][/color290edb6165]

[b290edb6165]I will try to respond to everyone, and i'll post back here later tonight when i've commited to a few trades and i'm done for the night![/b290edb6165]

[b290edb6165]Let the Bidding Begin![/b290edb6165][/color290edb6165][/size290edb6165]