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21-10-2007 10:06:50

Hi evetryohne - well Ive just activated a brand new fresh Visa Card. I will do offers immediately, today. I would like to start with

TRAINN sites

Two Dollar Deal sites

Please let me know if you need greens on these sites and PM me with whatever trade you propose. I thank you all for your time and look forward to doing business with you. thanks - tionaj


21-10-2007 10:33:44

PM'd to you some great sites to start with.

sandra habina

21-10-2007 12:15:39

Welcome - I have Trainn's YourFreeiStuff and 50.anydollardeal sites

PM sent


21-10-2007 17:18:58

Are you interested in other sites also or just the train sites and the two dollar deal sites? I have some repeatable sites that pay quick and you can do them again and again without having to green each time. PM me if interested.


21-10-2007 19:33:09

I'm paying $50 on green for 80.macrobucks and also $30 on green for cash.zeropricetags + $5 bonus if green in less than 24hrs.


05-11-2007 17:19:04

Hey! Sent you an Offer for Apple.V-Bux! Thanks!...


05-11-2007 21:04:05

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

$25 - http// - 1 credit - Repeatable
Top rated network for fast payment and crediting. )[/colore86c1d641a]

$25 - http// - 1 credit - Repeatable
Lots of no CC and $1 offers available[/colore86c1d641a]

$25 - http// - 1 credit - Repeatable
Great site for football season. Guys get what you want here. wink[/colore86c1d641a]

$85 - http// - 4 credits - Repeatable[/sizee86c1d641a]
Lots of no CC and $1 offers available[/colore86c1d641a]

Instant payment on green.[/sizee86c1d641a][/colore86c1d641a]

I will be available on aim babetran84[/colore86c1d641a] or yahoo lil_babieblue420[/colore86c1d641a] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youíre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Iím willing to help!



07-11-2007 19:39:56

pm me to sset up the trade


07-11-2007 20:05:07

Wanna make some fast cash? PM me and lets trade!
pay on green and/or approval. Make $50 EZ site!!!!!!!!!!!

$50 all for one.yourgiftsfree on approval $40 on green
$40 bose.v-bux
$25 cash.hotgifts4you
$30 rocketbills
$25 50.anydollardeal

and more..........................................
paypal verified
have worked with many experienced traders and can help you make money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris m stanaford


07-11-2007 20:18:10

pm sent


08-11-2007 12:48:37

PM to you!


09-11-2007 06:07:49




09-11-2007 06:38:24

Looking for green at the following sites.

jockmonster $25
cash.CustomOrderThis $25
cashrewards.git-r-free $25
cash.zeropricetags $25
bonus.zeropricetags $25

Let me know.