paying on green, 20$ on customorder.ourloot2boot

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18-10-2007 20:17:29

Most importantly, Thank You for taking the
time to read through my thread. There are great money
making opportunities involved. Even if you don't
trade with me, you can still contact me for any
help or questions.

I am paying $20 for each green
this site has many 1$ offers, makes it very easy on the
pocket to get green.
If you're new, don't worry!! I am here to help you with everything you need.

I offer complete training for anyone who
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You came here to make money as quick as possible, and that's
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- I don't play games.

If you go red, you will owe me a refund!

[bbbca24915f] This site is repeatable and once you are green, you're green for the life of you're account. You can also cashout at one referral, so you don't have to wait for weeks to get that extra green! They also have Instant Payouts!

You can contact me for a trade by posting here in this thread, send me a pm or by YIM jreesemd1970[/bbbca24915f]