Any sites have Disney Movie Club???

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17-10-2007 22:05:57

I've been out of the freebie scene for about a year now, ever since getting my 360. However, this morning my wife said that she wanted to join the Disney Movie Club, and I thought to myself "I wonder if any of the freebie sites have that as one of their offers"

So, if they do I thought it might be a way to make myself $20 or $30 going green for someone since we are going to sign up for it anyway. Are there any sites that have this as an offer?


17-10-2007 22:23:24

i dont think i have seen one for disney but i could be wrong


17-10-2007 23:07:55

Ive seen a couple offers for the Disney movie club, I just can't remember which they were. Ill look in to it and get back to you.


18-10-2007 05:14:43

Pm'ed you with Disney Movie Offer.



18-10-2007 05:51:07

I still subscribe to it from an I-Deal site I did over a year ago. I think I've still seen it around.


18-10-2007 06:52:58

Thats funny, my wife also just said she wanted to do the disney movie


18-10-2007 10:58:15

It's on Trainn and git-r-free sites. Not a full credit though.