$25.00 for registering under my link, $80.00 on green!!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=70435


17-10-2007 17:34:50

shock shock shock shock I'm offering $105.00 total to go green on only one site, it has lots of cheap offers, and u can go green in one day!!!

(the $25.00 is to make it easier to go green)
$25.00 instant payment to your paypal account when u register in under my Ref then $80.00 on green
pm me for details

God Bless

Molina cheer

I'm trying to build my TR's that's why I'm offering soooo much money to go green for me, i love this site!!!!! wink wink wink


18-10-2007 16:55:33

I haven't traded in a long time, but if the offers are doable for me, I might be interested. PM me with a list of offers, and are they full credit?

You'd have to pay first, of course. ;)

[ba56e964737]EDIT[/ba56e964737] Nevermind about sending the offers, I see now they allow you to see the offers before signup. And they're not all full credit, but let me look them over anyway.

[ba56e964737]EDIT[/ba56e964737] Nevermind x2, minimum of 4.0 credits per ref? Not interested. I think that's why you're not having a lot of luck @ $125.