Back in the game, looking for QUICK cash!! Who needs GREENS?

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17-10-2007 09:27:34

Alright ladys & gents, I'm back once again looking to make a few extra bucks by going green for some of you. I follow the basic rules of the board. No trading outside of FiPG. Feel free to send me a message on AIM if you want, but don't expect me to trade through IM's.

I just have a few of my own rules i'd like you all to read before you all begin filling my PM box with offers P

[b719e0d5c63] - PAY ON [u719e0d5c63]GREEN[/u719e0d5c63][/color719e0d5c63] ONLY![/b719e0d5c63] Ive been dicked out too many times by going green for someone.. waited.. waited.. and waited some more until I realized that he had gotten approved awhile ago and hes just ignoring me.

[b719e0d5c63] - DON'T WASTE MY TIME WITH LOWBALL OFFERS![/b719e0d5c63] Too many people PM me asking me to go green for them for $10.

[b719e0d5c63] - BE PATIENT![/b719e0d5c63] Although I try and do instant offers as much as possible, you and I both know that they don't always give credit to people as fast as they say they will.

[b719e0d5c63] - NO CRAZY SITES THAT MAKE YOU COMPLETE A WHOLE BUNCH OF OFFERS![/b719e0d5c63] That one pretty much explains itself.

Well, Im pretty sure that just about covers everything. If you are interested in me going [b719e0d5c63][u719e0d5c63]GREEN[/u719e0d5c63][/b719e0d5c63][/color719e0d5c63] for you then reply or PM me with your site name, paypal offer, and the offer list from your site.


17-10-2007 09:37:46

Hey, sending you a PM. I need a few greens on easy 1 credit sites. Paying top dollar on green.

sandra habina

17-10-2007 11:34:45

PM sent with some offers and sites. I hope we can work together.


17-10-2007 17:56:47

ok how does this sound???

$125.00 to go green on one site for me, i'm new to this forum, but not to doing trades.....

it's a 4 credit site, the offers are cheap and you can go green fast!


you need my ref# but there's $125.00 in it for you

pm me if interested

Molina trying to build my TR on this forum shock shock


17-10-2007 18:46:20

I do I do...

Here's what I'm paying for....

YouriPodtouch4free $25
Rocketbills $30
cash.zeropricetags $25
casrewards.git-r-free $25


18-10-2007 03:52:54

I am presently doing these sites, . Please P.M. me if you can help with any of the offers.



Paying $50 - AllForOneyourgiftsfree -2 credit site - 2 Needed
Paying $50 - PrimoDinero - 2 credit site - 2 Needed
Paying $25 - Giftcardsyourgiftsfree - 3 Needed
Paying $25 - Ps3.Ordergiftsfree - 2 Needed
Paying $25 - Xbox.360.ordergiftsfree - 7 Needed

Trainn sites
Paying $25 - YourFreeFlatScreen - 1 Needed
Paying $25 - DesktopComputers4free - 11 Needed

- Must confirm within 48 hours.
-Go Green within a reasonable amount of time.
-Keep me updated If you have problems
-If you go RED you must refund any money I have paid you


18-10-2007 04:11:21

Hey Mate! Sent Apple. V-Bux offer! Thanks!...


18-10-2007 06:49:41


I'm working on cash.zeropricetags - 1 credit site - an paying $20 on green.

Here is the link to the offers page

If interested just send me a pm and I will setup the trade. This site is my first priority but I do have some other sites available. Just check MyTradingThread below in my signature.



18-10-2007 10:44:12

Im working on and im paying $27 on green.