360elite4free Need Greens

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16-10-2007 14:27:27

Need help getting referrals for


Will pay 25 per referral. Need 9 for the 360.

Thanks again and any help on getting referrals or completing offers is appreciated.


16-10-2007 14:28:55

Hey, I want to do 360elite4free.com. Will you trade green 4 green? I have a few sites to choose from. Let me know. )


16-10-2007 14:43:35

is it ok if i let you know?

i was hoping to get a few more referrals first and doing them all at once because i am basically at 0 right now.


16-10-2007 14:57:07

Sounds good. Whatever you want to do. Just to let you know, with a TR of 0, you might find it hard to get people to green for you unless you're paying top dollar and are willing to send money ahead of time to people with higher TR. Green 4 Green is probably your best bet right now, or greening for cash to build up your TR to at least 4 or 5 is another good option.

But take your time and let me know if you change your mind.


16-10-2007 15:00:07

ooh thanks for the heads up.

i'm def willing to send money ahead of time and the other things you mentioned.

are there a good number of people on these forums who are willing to accept money in return for a referral?


17-10-2007 15:05:29



20-10-2007 09:51:13

bump again.

will pay for greens...and am also willing to trade green for green.

let me know if any interest.