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14-10-2007 15:49:30

[b7a81db5449]Hey .... I am Genesis.. (yes thats my real name )
I have just recently started this freebie buisness and have learned a lot.... I am a 25 year old mother of five.... and i am offering to help anyone along the way while i also pay them for their services...[/color7a81db5449][/b7a81db5449][/size7a81db5449]

(if any one has questions feel free to ask )

[b7a81db5449][u7a81db5449][i7a81db5449]These are the current sites i have available and the payments i will make.... REMEMBER.... CONTACT ME TO SET UP THE TRADE PRIOR TO LOGGING IN ... IN ORDER TO VERIFY IT IS STILL NEEDED... THANKS SO MUCH....[/i7a81db5449][/u7a81db5449][/b7a81db5449][/size7a81db5449][/color7a81db5449]

http//www.key2free.com/paypal (30.00 for green on this site)

http//computers.ordergiftsfree.com/ (i will pay 60.00 on green for this site.... or 80.00 if you are willing to wait for approval)

http//treasurypaypal.wish4free.com/ (this site is 70.00 on green or 100.00 for those who will wait for approval)

http//www.desktopmonster.net/ (40.00 on green or 60.00 for those patient enough to wait for approval)

http//Giftcards.ZeroPricetags.com/ (25.00 on green)

http//www.zerodollardeal.com/ (11.00 on green... no credit card site...)


http//www.YourFreeiPhone.com/index.php (35.00 on approval for this site....)

[b7a81db5449][u7a81db5449]if any one can help... would like to make money or has any questions just let me know.... thanks so much to all in advance... [/size7a81db5449][/color7a81db5449][/u7a81db5449][/b7a81db5449]

and remember you must be paypal verified..... i am...[b7a81db5449][i7a81db5449][u7a81db5449][/u7a81db5449][/i7a81db5449][/b7a81db5449][/color7a81db5449][/size7a81db5449][/color7a81db5449]


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just curious, was looking at the key2free site.....very few offers are "instant"....how long do they usually take to approve, and do you have any "fast" sites?


16-10-2007 18:54:00

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