Simple: Send Traffic, Get $2 Per Sign Up. Make $100s A Day!!

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13-10-2007 03:53:24

Make Easy Money! No Confusing "offers", no "going green" nonsense. Simple signups for cash only.[/coloree1df1f0a0]

Hello Traffic Providers,

I am looking for someone who can provide me with a large number
of US only leads that have to be sent through my webform using a
specific link.

It is a simple one page process and the offer is free to join.
I offer a payout of [bee1df1f0a0]$2.00[/coloree1df1f0a0][/bee1df1f0a0] for every person that you can send
through the link I give you, that is from the US and ACTUALLY FILLS OUT THE FORM (including you).
The link will have a tracking ID and so you must use the exact link in order to be paid.

If you send 50 people who successfully fill out the form, you can get $100 daily from me.

- Traffic MUST be US Traffic Only (If you can send steady UK Or Canadian Traffic, PM me for a special project)
- I payout through Paypal only and you MUST have a verified Paypal account.
- Each person filling out the form must complete the form and can only fill it out once.

That's it.

The url for the form to be filled out is below, and [uee1df1f0a0]MUST HAVE YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL AT THE END OF IT[/coloree1df1f0a0][/uee1df1f0a0]
Place your paypal email at the end of the following URL, and then place it in your browser

[bee1df1f0a0]lili You MUST ADD YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL TO THE END OF THAT URL!!![/bee1df1f0a0]
username make
password money

liliThe key to getting paid, is to add YOUR paypal email to the end of that URL. i.e.[/coloree1df1f0a0]
You MUST place your paypal email at the end of that url or you will never get paid.
Make sure that email WITH YOUR PAYPAL URL is in the browser!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!

You then MUST send traffic to that URL. When they fill out the offer, you get paid directly to your paypal automatically - give it a couple of hours.

[iee1df1f0a0](Also, if you want to test how this works, you can fill out the form yourself and make a quick $2.
You'll get paid to test it as long as you are a US resident, and have never filled out the form in the past.)[/iee1df1f0a0]

After sending successful traffic on a regular basis, you can contact me to create a special page with more offers where you can earn more in the future.