Take my hand to the Promise Land!! $22-$30 for Easy Sites!

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brother bendu

12-10-2007 01:40:21

Let brother bendu take you to the Promise Land![/color7e31697e1b][/size7e31697e1b]

http//i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee272/maxwell285/heaven.jpg[" alt=""/img7e31697e1b]

I have been trading for a while and need the following sites done. You will get paid as soon as you successful [color=green7e31697e1b]GREEN[/color7e31697e1b] on a site. Do you need someone to help you through the process? Don't know how to delete your cookies? Need to know the best way to get green on a site? I am on here every day and willing to help anyone with any questions or concerns. I am looking for refs for the following sites

[size=187e31697e1b][color=darkblue7e31697e1b]lililizeropricetags.comlilili (1 credit) $22
lililigiftcards.zeropricetags.comlilili(1 credit) $22
yourfreeflatscreen.com(1 credit) $25 (3/5)
youripodnano4free.com(1 credit) $25 (5/5)[/color7e31697e1b] [/size7e31697e1b]

All of the following sites are easy to credit on. The sites that have lili by it means its fully repeatable(meaning that you only have to green on the site 1 time. After that you can keep getting referrals to the site and cashing out multiple times without having to do additional offers). Check out these sites and if you are interested either post here or pm me. I also have other sites as well. Contact me before you do any sites so we both can confirm the trade in the Trader Manager.

Also know that if you go [color=red7e31697e1b]RED[/color7e31697e1b] for any reason I expect a full refund of my money on the spot. If you want to fix the problem I will help you to the best of my ability, and if you go back green I will pay you back your money.

Thanks for your time and hopefully we can have a successful trade!!

brother bendu

12-10-2007 21:28:20

bump please