BIG money, one referral sites!

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11-10-2007 19:41:33

i'll make this post straight to the point and not fancy, lol...just like me.
i am paying 55.00 for 100anydollardeal and allforone.yourgiftsfree.
i am paying 40 for rocketbills and freebies4me, as well as bigpaypalwish4free
12 each for 25anydollar and zerodollar

every site i am working on now requires one referral to it will be easy for you after you go green for me.
every site also pays "instantly", with the exception of freebies4me, which pays weekly.

have several other sites as well if you would like more info

thanks, and geez, let's make some money already. i have a tollfree number and three diff ims, so plenty of support for newbies.

let's talk!

btw, will also do fair trades, and am looking for more one referral sites...if you have some i am not on, will be happy to sign up and green for you!


13-10-2007 16:31:21

bumpity bump....make some christmas money here!


14-10-2007 18:58:21

hey, you make my money......i want yours
don't know if anyone will read this now (can't create a new topic ()
i am looking to green TONITE on a one credit site, or would love to do a git-r-free besides bigscreen and cashrewards
not interested in any ygf, monster or dollardeal sites
if you happen to read this, and need an immediate green, as well as can pay tonite, pm me