highpaying on approval

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10-10-2007 23:57:52

Here are some of the sites I am working on currently[/color09f89547fe]

http//www.wishwizzard.com/ 25$[/color09f89547fe]
http//cash.earngiftsfree.com/ 25$[/color09f89547fe]
http//cash.moneybonanzas.com/ 25$[/color09f89547fe]

I'm paying $25 for each site you complete.pm me for links if interested
You must go green within 1 week, if your not green within 1 week, you must message me every 48 hours what you have done so far and keep me updated until your green
I will also make clear, I pay on APPROVAL.this means when I get paid you get paid.so you no need to refund after you get paid.
My payouts are VERY HARD TO BEAT
Must be Paypal Verified to get paid.