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10-10-2007 21:41:11

[b8126b34e92]I'd first like to welcome you to where I like to call an opportunity. [/b8126b34e92]

[b8126b34e92]Secondly[/b8126b34e92], I've been watching the IFW scene since May 2007 and just decided to "jump the fence" because something I realized, so many people underpay for the service of doing offers!

I think everyone needs to play fairly and pay fairly when it comes to doing offers because all too often someone comes along and gives you a chance to be paid only 40% of what a credit is actually worth, and moreover, they offer a bonus that gives a grand total of half the value!

This time has ended for this, I am here to pay fairly[/color8126b34e92] D

Don't be scared, send me a pm or post here if you would like to set up a trade! My payouts are VERY HARD TO BEAT. This list is just for starters, I have plenty more money and sites to do.

People might wonder why I have mostly 2+ credit sites. Well, as most of you know the world of freebies has only so many offers until you are all done. Why not make the most of your time doing offers and get paid as much as possible?

Of course, You need to make sure to READ THE TUTORIALS!
if you don't know what to do, just ask, but the tutorials have ALL the info
you could dream of needing.

My Current Sites and their offers pages!

Laptops.Macrobucks = $80 (3 credits)

80.Macrobucks = $50 (2 credits)

Bose.V-Bux = $50

Dell.V-Bux = $60

Treasurypaypal.wish4free = $105 (4 credits)

Desktop.wish4free = $80 (3 credits)

Allforone.YGF = $60 ( 2 credits) Paid on approval

Now, I will also make clear, I am not here 24/7 and will make sure you are paid no later than 1 day from you going green. I check on my sites as much as possible to ensure fast payouts.


13-10-2007 08:26:35