I can do Trainn sites

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09-10-2007 16:43:59

I can do the following trainn sites

PS3, dvd recorders, 3604free, flatscreens, desktop, nano and video site

I need 360Elite4Free - site for site trade or I'll pay you $30 for a green on my site

lt me know


09-10-2007 16:45:15

ill do a trade green for green i need yourfreevideoipods.com done


09-10-2007 20:02:31

"cerivas" is not paying for my green, dishonest trader do not trade with "cerivas"[/size99c889233a][b99c889233a][/b99c889233a]


09-10-2007 20:10:14

u sure...cuz hes got a tr 28 and u got a 0..who should i trust


09-10-2007 21:11:18

I am sure, cerivas did not pay for my green as promised
They are online right now but still not responding to my PM


09-10-2007 22:00:12

oh well go to the scammer section and report him...im really knew but thanks for the warning


10-10-2007 00:11:41

MTI stop messing someone name up, relax and have patience, that's not cool to go off and call someone a scammer if you hadnt been paid in 24 hours.. He told you to wait, dont go off and make everyone think his some scammer, people try to build there name up, then you come and try to destroy it over nothing yet.. Reporting in the scammer section is a final option..

Now cerivas, are you only doing ref for ref? Because i need refs for yourps34free.com but i cant do 360elite4free.com since ive already green there.. I can pay you what your offering $30 if you want. Let me know.


10-10-2007 00:26:06

[quote83756f0cf7="Onok"]u sure...cuz hes got a tr 28 and u got a 0..who should i trust[/quote83756f0cf7]


sandra habina

10-10-2007 06:51:29

Well can you do the new trainn yourfreeistuff site for Paypal?
That is the trainn site I am working.