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09-10-2007 14:52:45

Hi, I'm new here and I need two more refs for my freepay site.

I can only do non-cc sites because I don't own a cc or anything. Also I am willing to accept trades for money, but they can only be for non-cc site's.

Please help, this is my first freepay site and I really want to see if I can actually get an ipod. I only have until 11/30/07 because of the 90 day thing freepay has, so please help.

Big War Bird

09-10-2007 15:01:27

Welcome to FIPG! Please take your referral link out of your post., as you cannot post those here. Please read my guide on how you might get off to a good start here.


09-10-2007 15:06:45

ok, sorry about that =] I'l take a look at your guide!


09-10-2007 17:19:56

[quotef79a96a56d="imgood"]ok, sorry about that =] I'l take a look at your guide![/quotef79a96a56d]

You also need to change your signature. Reflinks can only be posted in the trade module or via PM after you've arranged a trade with another user.