I NEED 2 GO GREEN 4 YOU!!!!!!!

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08-10-2007 09:33:56

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[b454a924ac3]Hello to all, i am kind of new here, ive done some trades and am in the process of finishing some but i am still looking for good honest traders who are willing to make good offers 2 me[/b454a924ac3]

I [u454a924ac3][b454a924ac3]GUARANTEE QUICK GREENS[/b454a924ac3][/u454a924ac3], check my feedback and c wat some traders had to say bout how quick i green!

Im interested in doing ALL sites so just let me know what sites u want done by sending me a PM, Also, i would like to only do trades and get paid ON Green.
One more thing, im looking to do some of the VBUX sites, ive already done the dell one so let me know if u need any of the other ones done too and we can agree on a price.[/i454a924ac3]

[b454a924ac3]Pm no matter what because i know that we can work something out![/b454a924ac3]
D wink D wink D wink D D wink


08-10-2007 10:09:46

Hey, great. I need a few easy greens. $135 total to be made today. PM Sent. )


08-10-2007 10:16:33

Hi business80,

I have a few sites you may be interested in.
I'll PM you



08-10-2007 10:22:33

Pm'ed ya


08-10-2007 10:44:38


I need a couple of greens on yournintendwww4free and youripodnano4free. $25.00 each on green if you're interested.



08-10-2007 12:23:00

PM'ed you check it out


08-10-2007 15:12:09