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[b5f88a983f5]Great Starter Sites For Newbies - All Accept Multiple Orders[/b5f88a983f5]

[b5f88a983f5]Instant Pay Sites[/b5f88a983f5]

Reputable Trader On, Check My Ratings at http//[]http//[/size5f88a983f5]

[b5f88a983f5]Green on any of the sites[/color5f88a983f5], I will PAY YOU INSTANTLY straight to your paypal account.[/b5f88a983f5] $20 $20

Laptops.HotGifts4You $25 $20

Games.Wish4Free $20[/color5f88a983f5]

I'm always online so contact me on YAHOO= [b5f88a983f5]Elysebcute[/b5f88a983f5]

[b5f88a983f5]Please note [/b5f88a983f5]
liAll Trades Must Make Necessary Contact During Process of Trade.
liTrade Will Be canceled If There Is No Communication Within 3 Days.
liIf You Go Red, I Expect Full Refund.

[b5f88a983f5]Tips To Help You Out[/b5f88a983f5]
li Can only sign up once to each of these sites. Because of recent fraud, they track registrar by their IP Address which is connected to your Internet and computer. Make sure you are not connected to AOL when signing up and referring people because AOL IP Addresses are shared with other people that live around you.
li When completing an offer, you can only sign up once forever. Not from site to site. Only Once for all.
li Make sure your not canceling too soon when trying out product or service. If you cancel the same day you signed up for it, your account will be canceled.
li Make sure your Internet explorer accepts all cookies. Click tools, Internet Options, Privacy, in the settings slide it all the way to the bottom to accept all cookies. Make your you clear your cookies and delete temporary files before completing offers. If you don't do this you wont get credit for the offer.



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