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XRoad Warrior

04-10-2007 16:01:12

Hey! I want a 360 elite and you want my cash, so lets make a deal!

I'm paying $35 for a green on It's a Trainn site, one of the most reliable freebie sites out there. 1 credit offers.

If you have a TR +5 I will pay you $35 when you are green.

If you have a lower TR than 5 I will pay you $25 on the green and $10 on approval.

-If for any reason you go red I expect an immediate refund.
-You must be Paypal verified.
-Do not sign up mulitple times you will go red- they know who you are.
-Do not use a prepaid or virtual credit card

-Please keep in contact with me. Don't do any of the month long offers. I expect a green in at least 7-10 days. If there is a delay of any kind, contact me as soon as you realize this. I'm very reasonable I just need to know you haven't skipped town. I expect to hear from you (at least) every 3 days until you go green. If I don't hear from you I will consider the trade cancelled.

I'm a serious trader and I will pay you fast! PM me if you are interested.


04-10-2007 17:37:24

The price is good.

XRoad Warrior

06-10-2007 10:19:50



06-10-2007 10:35:29

Do you have an AIM screen name? If so, I'm interested.

XRoad Warrior

09-10-2007 15:20:50

I just paid someone for a fast green. Who else is interested?