$60 for 1 credit, earn $160 for single site, green and earn$

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I am paying on green[/size1eb6ba2e1d]
$5 Bonus for each additional site completed[/size1eb6ba2e1d]
The most of the links will direct you to offers page; if you are interested I will set up a trade and send you my referral link

http//dell.v-bux.com $60 on Green Complete 100% of the Offer
http//apple.v-bux.com $50 on Green Complete 100% of the Offer
http//bose.v-bux.com $50 on Green Complete 100% of the Offer
(Easy to go green cashout for 1 referral on both v-bux sites)
Offer Page http//v-bux.com/offers/

Macrobucks!! HOT HOT
http//laptops.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $80 on Green 3 Credit SITE
http//80.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $50 on Green 2 Credit SITE
http//apple.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $50 on Green 2 Credit SITE
http//lcds.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $50 on Green 2 Credit SITE
http//40.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit SITE
(Multi Offers to Choose from, Repeatable SITE)

FreetoMe andYou.com!!
http//amex.freetomeandyou.com/offers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site (Easiest offers to go with, Repeatable site, remain green for lifetime)

http//www.YouriPodTouch4free.com $25 on Green TRAINN SITE 1 Level A Offer
Offer Page http//trainn.org/offlis.php
Complete only one level A offer to go green. Or complete 50 points from Level B to green (1-2 offers)

Somethin for Nothin
http//cash.somethin4nothin.com/offers $50 on green 2 credit site easy to go green (repeatable site)

http//www.customfreebiez.com/offers.php $25 on green 1 credit site (Fast credit offers, lot of offers to choose from)

Wish4free Sites!!!
http//paypal.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//giftcards.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//games.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site

ZNZ Network!!!
http//ipods.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//iphone.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//paypal.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//xbox360.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $50 on Green 2 Credit Site
http//wii.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//playstation.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site
http//gifts.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $25 on Green 1 Credit Site

2 or more Credit Sites

Wish4free Sites !!!
http//bigpaypal.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $45 on Green 2 Credit Site
http//audiobass.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $45 on Green 2 Credit Site
http//entertainment.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $45 on Green 2 Credit Site
http//rockout.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $60 on Green 3 Credit Site
http//treasurypaypal.wish4free.com/viewoffers.php $100 on Green 4 Credit Site

Nobody can beat these payouts and bonuses, I will beat any offer
I do not set any stringent time frame Just update me about your status

Keep watching this page; I will be coming with lot more offers in future

If for any reason you turn red at the time of approval, you will need to refund money on that site.

1 Before logging into a site, ALWAYS clear your cookies. This is the MAIN problem regarding not getting credit. If you have not cleared your cookies and you have clicked the offer elsewhere you will get credit there instead of on the site you want it.
2 ALWAYS use Internet Explorer. If you cannot use Internet Explorer, use Mozilla Firefox. However, note that Internet Explorer users experience slightly better crediting rates. Other browsers have known issues with crediting.
3 ALWAYS make sure your cookies are on the lowest setting to accept them all.
4 DISABLE ANY antivirus, spyware, firewalls, or ad checking software. What a lot of people don't realize is any of these programs can either interfere with the cookies that make an offer track or they can block offer tracking in other ways.

1. Launch Microsoft's Internet Explorer, since IE is the most universal web browser today, you'll have fewer problems by using it for Freebie sites.
2. Once IE is open, click "Tools/Internet Options.../General," You will now be at the new tab/window titled "Internet Options," and the tab “General.” Click "Delete Cookies..." and then "OK." Now, Click "Delete Files...," check the "Delete All Offline Content" box, and then click "OK." Now, at the top of the window click the "Privacy" tab. Move the slide bar to "Accept All Cookies" and uncheck the "Block Pop ups" box, click "OK". You have now cleared your browser cache and cookies, enabled all cookies, and disabled your pop-up blocker! If you have any other pop-up blockers and cookies blockers, you need to also disable them!
3. Close all open Internet Explorer (IE) windows, and repeat step number two just to double-check everything has been correctly implemented!
4. Complete the offer. Be sure to allow enough time for each page to load completely! Sometimes the "image" can take a while to load since they are communicating with third parties (the advertiser, etc.). It is EXTREMELY important that you make sure the "completion/confirmation web page" loads fully, since it’s the one that contains the "image" file!
5. After completing an offer, make sure the clear your cookies and cache before doing another offer. This will fix any conflicting cookies


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