I want to join the Git-R-Free sites under you, Auction Style

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01-10-2007 14:22:25

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to join the Git-R-Free network of sites. I have listed the sites below with the current bid and who placed that bid.

Please post all bids here, [b3aa2510dc1]No more Buy it Now offers will be accepted[/b3aa2510dc1] as I will not be able to complete the sites until this weekend anyways. Auction will [b3aa2510dc1]end on Sat, Oct 6th at 1 PM EST[/b3aa2510dc1]. All sites will be worked on that weekend, and hopefully be [b3aa2510dc1]completed within 24 hours of auction close[/b3aa2510dc1]. If your TR is less than 5, I must be paid before I green. Otherwise, I must be paid on green. I will PM the winners for the auction to confirm the trades. This auction will be placed on A4F, FiPG, and FLR.

All bids must be placed in $1 or above increments.

[b3aa2510dc1]Git-R-Free site --- Current Bid --- High Bidder -- From Forum[/b3aa2510dc1]

AppleProducts --------- $27 ----------- tj7 --- FLR

CashRewards --------- I have already completed this one!

VideoGames ----------- No bids please!

DuctTapedBudles ---- $115 - Buy it Now from benn683 - A4F - CLOSED!!!

GetAround (4 cred) --- No bids please!

BigScreens ------------- $76 --------- dav2k2005 ------- FLR

CutTheGrass ----------- No bids please!

MyBackyard ------------ No bids please!

GetSkinny -------------- $51 --------- dav2k2005 ------- FLR

PoorFolk --------------- No bids please!

Please post questions here, so I can edit this post with the questions and answers.


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Bump, closes in the morning!!