$$ Highest Payouts Ever - October Promotion $$

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01-10-2007 05:59:11

October is underway, and that means that I am starting my huge Macrobucks promotion!!! I have never offered payouts this high, and you will likely never see them again. The listed offers are good if you sign up AND green between 10/1/07 and 10/31/07. You must contact me before starting a site. If you lose your green status, you owe me a refund. I pay on verified green via PayPal. This means that you don't have to wait until I submit my order for approval to get paid.

laptops.macrobucks $110
80.macrobucks $75
lcds.macrobucks $70
apple.macrobucks $70
40.macrobucks $35
giftcards.macrobucks $20

Also paying $40 (that's 100%!!!) for candy.ordergiftsfree


01-10-2007 14:12:39

i'm interested PM me please. And how many credits do we have to get done for the laptops.macrobucks?


18-10-2007 11:23:35