Make 35 dollars with a one credit site, Trainn

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30-09-2007 06:08:27

Make some cash with me!

Are you interested in going green for a 1 credit site (Trainn) to make 38$?? (I upped my price so I can get there a little faster)

If you are then this is the thread for you!!!

Want to get started? Private message me saying your interested and you can ask me anything you would like to know!

Direction for the newbies
1] Click the link provided once you private message me
2] Sign up using your email
3] Complete at least 1 offer (There are a lot to choose from!)
4] Wait for green then notify me so I can verify it
5] Give me your paypal address so you can cash out.

What are you waiting pm me so I can get you started!


30-09-2007 20:17:49

I'm interested in doing another trainn site, which one are you doing?


30-09-2007 21:25:04

let me know which trainn site it is , i might be able to do it.


01-10-2007 03:20:40

Which site?


02-10-2007 09:42:16