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29-09-2007 14:18:04

[b497bfc06e5]WELCOME TO MY TRADE THREAD! D D D D D [/b497bfc06e5][/color497bfc06e5][/size497bfc06e5]
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[b497bfc06e5]I stick with EASY sites that credit most easily AND allows support tickets for manual credits if need be. I also offer no credit card sites for those of you that want to get your feet wet.[/b497bfc06e5][/color497bfc06e5]

My only rules are

arrow You must read (or have read) the tutorials and site rules;

arrow You are PayPal verified;

arrow If you go red, you must repay the amount I gave you for the trade.

[b497bfc06e5]Here are just a few of my easy sites. I also do trades on occasion...just ask! Take a look at the offers on these sites, but do not sign up yet![/size497bfc06e5][/color497bfc06e5][/b497bfc06e5]

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And of course, the no credit card site

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