looking to complete TRAINN offers

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29-09-2007 09:37:24

Hi, I am looking to complete TRAINN offers for those of you who need them done. I will do them immediately once we have an agreement. Im open to all TRAINN sites so please let me know what you need so we can set up a trade. thank you - tiona


29-09-2007 10:17:54

Hey, I need YouriPodTouch4Free.com done. PM Sent. )


29-09-2007 10:25:25

Hey I need 360elite 4 free.

Pmed =D


29-09-2007 10:53:55

I have custom order this $30
easy site with cheap offers
PM me if you're interested


29-09-2007 13:16:53

Paying $25 for green at YourFreeiStuff.


29-09-2007 17:34:04

sent a pm!


01-10-2007 07:08:37

To those of you who responded to my post I want to apologize to you. I tried to get started Saturday but couldnt due to a CC problem. I have since ordered a Visa credit card as Ive heard they is the most universally accepted to do offers with. Anyway so many people responded I thought it would be better to let you all know what happened this way rather than replying to each Pm individually. Going forward I will readvertise my offer completion services as soon as I get my brand new Visa card - which will be very soon. In the meantime, again my apologies to those that responded - please keep me in mind for the future. thanx - tionaj