$200 for FREE trial signups

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29-09-2007 02:28:33

Hey! - I just would like everyone to know of a new freebie site that I am telling everyone about! - its called www.sumobucks.com - I would put my referral link but I have already made my money and cannot sign up again..

I must let you know this site is an adult related site and the site requires that you are 18yrs of age or older..

If you sign up 4 people you get $200.. or of course you can choose other stuff, but the thing that makes this so easy is that all offers are 1/2 credit! Now if you have been going to do freebie sites before you know its a bli to fill out three 1/3 just to get 1 credit and half of those you end up spendin more money that whatever you are being paid is worth!

This site has free and paid trials, the free trials are free but on one I was charged I think $2 which is due to my credit card.. but still, even the paid trials are only $4.87 so they are all easy.. This is the EASIEST site I have ever seen to go green on.. only bad part is they give out gifts and money either in the beginning of the month or the end. but other than that came through for me.

If you want easy prizes and you got a credit card, you gotta hit this up!


30-09-2007 09:22:05


I am interested. What are you paying for greens, and can you send a link to the offers page?