$25 for easy free and $1 offers!!! Project Payday Mentor!

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25-09-2007 22:24:44

Hello, and welcome to FIPG!!! I am new to this site, but not to this type of trading. I have a growing TR of 12 on FLR and a growing TR of 3 on A4F. I'm hoping to expand and become know here as well. I'm very honest, and I pay out as fast as you green![/color6a3ca28076] ) I have several sites that are easy 1 credit greens.[/color6a3ca28076][/size6a3ca28076]
Newly Added! If you find someone that pays higher than I, just let me know, I'll beat it by $5!!![/color6a3ca28076][/size6a3ca28076]

My Sites
1. paypal.wish4free.com 1 Credit Site Paying $25 Lots of free and $1 offers to do![/color6a3ca28076]
2. games.wish4free.com 1 Credit site as well. Paying $25 Also lots of free and $1 offers![/color6a3ca28076]
3. giftcards.wish4free.com 1 Credit site as well. Paying $25 Again lots of free and $1 offers![/color6a3ca28076]
4. cash.earngiftsfree.com very fast offer credit site. Paying $25 1 credit site.[/color6a3ca28076][/size6a3ca28076]

I have several other sites. Some that are 2 or 3 credit sites. If your interested in any more, just pm me!

Please post here if you are interested in any of my sites. Iím paying on GREEN[/color6a3ca28076]![/size6a3ca28076]

Have questions? PM me regardless of whether or not you want to work on any of my sites. Iíll share all I know. If I donít know something, I will find out as soon as possible because itís probably something I would want to know as well. I can also be reached by MSN IM and Yahoo IM. Just look in my profile for the information for both!

$$$$$ Bonus program $$$$$
ē Extra $5 on any site you complete within 24 hours!
ē Extra $10 if you complete three or more sites in two days!
ē The extra $10 will be added to your payment upon completion of the last site, but greens will be paid as earned.[/size6a3ca28076][/color6a3ca28076]
Just a few rules
1. You must be paypal verified
2. You must return my payment to you if your should go RED at anytime on any of the sites.
3. Please stay in contact. Communication is a must with this kind of thing.
4. If you're not green in 2 days and I do not hear from you, I will consider the trade cancled.
5. If you should confirm a trade with me and keep no contact your spot will not be held and will be replaced with someone that is willing to keep good communication. If you should do offers after the last ref then ill reimburse you for the money that was spent on the trial part of the offers. I will expect legitimate proof in the case this is necessary. If you keep in contact youíll keep your spot is what this comes down too. top
6. YOU MUST HAVE THE NEED TO EARN!!![/color6a3ca28076][/size6a3ca28076]


26-09-2007 19:19:13

BUMP!!! Beginners are welcome!!! )

sandra habina

26-09-2007 19:41:22

Welcome dear - I think you will love the trading module here - it is great.

If you have any questions - just PM me anytime.
Happy Trading


27-09-2007 15:41:43