Trainn Touch and Nano site referrals needed...please read!

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24-09-2007 23:39:55

Looking to complete the following sites below. All the sites I need are Trainn sites, so you know they're legit and there nothing to worry about since Trainn is pretty much the best company out there for freebies! Details about what I need are below, as well as other details. Thank you for visiting my referral thread and I hope we can help eachother out here! Thanks!

iPod Touch - Trainn
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Need 4 referrals still for this site. Many cheap/easy offers and the prizes are equally cheap as far as referrals go 8gb iPod Touch for 5 referrals, 16gb iPod Touch for 8 referrals and more...

Can trade for some sites, not sure which'd have to PM me and I could let you know. Trading only for easy green sites of course or I can pay a bit...nothing insane though... PM me any offers at all!

iPod Nano - Trainn
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Only need 3 referrals for this site left. Now that the new iPod Nanos are on this site...its a great deal. Only 4 referrals will get you the brand new iPod Nano with video!
Willing to trade for this site as well and also willing to pay whatever I can... Trying to complete this site and the iPod Touch site the quickest!

Free 360 Games - Trainn

Only need 2 referrals for this site. VERY easy offers available on this site... Sign up using a Points account, do 2 cheap offers and pick whichever 360 game you want including the Guitar Hero 2 bundle and Halo 3! The best part is that with the points account you can do this as much as you want. I've already got 4 Guitar Hero 2 bundles and Bioshock...with Halo 3 coming this week. Great site!

[size=18547c7dd593][b547c7dd593]Once again, Im looking to complete the iPod Touch and Nano sites ASAP! Willing to pay (fair amount) or trade OOD sites or anything like that...fair trades! Thank you.[/b547c7dd593][/size547c7dd593]

[size=18547c7dd593]PM me for referral links so we can get this going!!![/size547c7dd593]


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Hey aspen,

A friendly FYI for ya..... couple things you CAN'T do! No refs links allowed and you can only bump once every 24 hours!

Good luck!


25-09-2007 12:28:03

Oops, will correct all that right now...thank you!


26-09-2007 08:23:56

Todays buuuuump....


27-09-2007 23:10:43

This sucks...I was into the freebie scene a while back and got 2 sites completed fairly quickly...these days getting referrals is haaaaard to do! Whats changed?