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23-09-2007 20:15:58

WANT TO BE A DOCTOR[/color804f919113]? LAWYER[/color804f919113]? ROCKSTAR[/color804f919113]?[/size804f919113] well, then you're in the wrong thread,

lol.....but now if you want to get PAID[/color804f919113][/size804f919113] like a doctor, lawyer, or rockstar, then come on in and make yourself cozy.

[b804f919113]WHY? [/b804f919113][/size804f919113]

cause i pay [b804f919113]TOP DOLLAR[/b804f919113][/color804f919113] for sites, some i like to think of as my own little secret )....AND

if you find someone paying higher for the same site, [i804f919113][b804f919113]I'LL TOP IT! NO PROBLEM[/b804f919113][/i804f919113]! we all want the same thing, right? so, let's get right to business....

let me reach into my bag of tricks and pull out.......................

oh, a personal fave, [b804f919113]DOLLARDEALNETWORKS[/b804f919113][/color804f919113]! now, if you haven't worked any of their sites,
your loss....crediting is almost 100% and admin bends over addition, there
are constant promos li[i804f919113]hint..check the dollardeal forum for some right nowli[/i804f919113]

the baby of the dds...the paypal2dollardeal[/color804f919113]. just like it says, you can green, one credit, [b804f919113]for two dollars or less[/b804f919113], piece of cake. for your trouble, though, i am paying you[u804f919113][b804f919113] 20.00![/b804f919113][/u804f919113]

the middle child, hmmm, that would be the 25anydollar[/color804f919113] again, you can cashout with one referral and one credit....but these anydollars have a delightful can be
your own referral ) sign up under yourself over and over (but don't make the fraud police
come after you), or be referrals for tons of other people.[/color804f919113] for the trouble licoughcoughli
you'll have on this site, [u804f919113][b804f919113]i'll pay you 15[/b804f919113][/u804f919113]

the sometimes forgotten older brother, yes 50anydollar[/color804f919113]....same twist as above, but each ref
is now 50.00 and requires TWO credits!. for this site, [b804f919113][u804f919113]let's take it up to 27[/u804f919113][/b804f919113], how's that

now, the kingpin[/size804f919113][/color804f919113] of the anydollardeal[/color804f919113] family, sigh, the [b804f919113]100anydollardeal[/color804f919113][/b804f919113]. payoff so sweet, four offers to get you there. for your time and effort here, i will pay you the most awesome sum of [u804f919113][b804f919113]55! wow, yep, there it is, 55![/size804f919113][/color804f919113][/b804f919113][/u804f919113]

....reaching in again.....pulls out ROCKETBILLS[/size804f919113][/color804f919113]! HEY, WHAT A NEW AND FUN SITE THIS IS! 1 credit, 60 per referral....different and affordable does [u804f919113][b804f919113]30 sound to ya[/b804f919113][/u804f919113]?

the next number out of my hat is freebies4me[/color804f919113]. high paying 75 per ref on this site, [b804f919113]new[/b804f919113] offers now and more to come, one is all you need to green, and [u804f919113][b804f919113]i'll take care of you, say

a brand new one follows, one i bet even you vets haven;t heard of OFFERSJUNCTION[/color804f919113]!
excellently crediting offers, guaranteed some you haven't seen anywhere else. 60 per
referral [b804f919113]BUT[/b804f919113] on your first cashout, she gives a 20.00 bonus AND pays within 48 hours! cc
and no cc offers, here, too. [u804f919113][b804f919113]How bout i give you 30 for this one?[/b804f919113][/u804f919113]

ah, [b804f919113]an oldie but goodie, allforone, yourgifts[/color804f919113][/b804f919113]. i went green on this one completely cc
free....[b804f919113]very simple site to do for newbs and vets alike! [u804f919113]payout on this one will be 55.00[/u804f919113][/b804f919113]

the next clump of sites seems to be those free bout paypalwish4free[/color804f919113], one credit, easy offers for [u804f919113][b804f919113]22.00[/b804f919113]
but the BIGpaypalwish4free[/size804f919113][/color804f919113], well that requires a [b804f919113]BIGGER[/size804f919113][/b804f919113] reward, don't you think? on this 4
credit site, how bout i give you [u804f919113][b804f919113]45 out of the goodness of my heart[/b804f919113][/u804f919113]? the offers are easy
and credit well...piece of cake.

lastly with the 4frees[/color804f919113] is the simple gift card one (got to get ready for christmas you know
) credit, [b804f919113]20 bucks, how's that?[/b804f919113]

just a few rules here. please confirm trade within 48 hours, or let me know what is going

on. i am more than willing to work with anyone [i804f919113][b804f919113]secondly, i will give you a 3.00 for every three sites of mine you go green on, going to 7.00 for 5 sites, and 10 for all sites.
in addition, any green within 24 hours gets a 2.00 bonus as well.
like i stated earlier, you find someone offering more, bring it to me and i'll match![/b804f919113][/i804f919113]

now, let's all go make some money! FOR NEWBIES, I derive more pleasure working with you
than you can imagine...i do all day im/phone support, the only stupid question is the one
you don't ask. let me go step by step through the offers with you to make sure we both come
out on top! it is what i'm here for )[b804f919113]

Can't wait to hear from you![/b804f919113]


23-09-2007 23:03:41

for the next four people that reply with what site they want to do, i'll throw in another 5.00 on top of what i am offering.
i KNOW that can't be beat!


24-09-2007 21:25:29


Can you send me the offers page for 100anydollardeal......?

I'll see if I can't return the favor of getting those greens for me!

Everyone.... this is a [b9f8b612b63]great trader here[/b9f8b612b63], she is new to this forum but has passed approval for me on 4 different sites and she greened like a PRO.


26-09-2007 08:42:13

thanks so much, i love this stuff, lol
come on people.....everyone wants to make money...the dollardeal sites are not advertised much here, so i know someone has to need them....the admin there is awesome, and i have been paid within like two hours of cashout!
still paying for all the other sites, too......