I'll pay you $25 each for these easy sites!

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22-09-2007 22:07:59

Hi there! I'm trying to get established on this forum. So here's what I've got for now...

I'll pay you $25 paypal on green for any of these sites
-- paypal.wish4free
-- sports.hotgifts4you
-- cashrewards.git-r-free
-- cash.zeropricetags

These sites are currently paying out $40 per ref. You'll get 60%, I'll get 40%!!

Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you my links!

Serious traders please. In order to keep a trade active I will ask that you sign up within 24 hrs and green within 3 days, OR send me a PM if you're having difficulties.

thanks for looking!


26-09-2007 22:30:30

bump it up!