Make a fast 35$ for going green on a one credit site. Trainn

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20-09-2007 18:32:54

I am offering a little bit over the average so I can be your choice of satisfaction.

This trainn site is a grade A site and is very popular to the freebie community.

Please someone give this a try I offer the most decent of payouts.
You can't get a payout better than this without it being a scam probably.

Reply to this thread please so I can get more offers ] If you do thanks.

Pm me if you are interested in going green or if you have any questions, This will be the easiest 35$ you have ever made.


20-09-2007 18:38:03

What site is it? What are the offer requirements for 1 credit?


20-09-2007 18:38:46

Just some friendly advise for ya..... you should list the site!

NOT the referral link- just the site! That way people know if they can even do your site since you can only sign up for Trainn sites once


22-09-2007 18:58:21

GO green Go green ;]


22-09-2007 20:41:09

I would be interested in greening for you.