Paying $50 on approval for nintendowii4free//1 offer site

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19-09-2007 17:55:34

I only need 2 more GREENS[/color9f713fd8e1] on yournintendowii4free.
I am paying $50 on approval (if green[/color9f713fd8e1] within 48 hrs).
You only need to complete 1 offer for this site.
I am also willing to trade GREEN[/color9f713fd8e1] for GREEN[/color9f713fd8e1].

I had 2 people turn red [/color9f713fd8e1]on this site (I found this out when I submitted for approval).

PM me if you are interested.[/size9f713fd8e1]


11-10-2007 15:28:25