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18-09-2007 03:07:54

I am back and willing to do your sites!


18-09-2007 07:11:08

Are you open to greening on any other easy 1 credit sites for money or just the two that are listed? I have a few I need greens on, and you can make $160 today. Let me know. Thanks.


18-09-2007 12:50:45

all sites avaliable!!


04-10-2007 06:43:02



04-10-2007 06:47:31

By selling green you mean what exactly...? I need a green for yourps34free if that is at all possible. Thanks.


04-10-2007 07:08:24



04-10-2007 07:08:31

Hey, I have a few easy, popular 1 credit sites (ZPT, AFW, GRF, etc) and I pay big and fast (on green). $135 to be made today, easy. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you my ref links and more info. Thanks! )


04-10-2007 07:48:37

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

Add $5 bonus if you green within 48 hrs at any of the following sites.[/size608e7eb22d][/color608e7eb22d]

$55 - http//[]http// - 1/5 - 4 credits
All offers are one credit or more. Lots of free and instant offers available. )[/color608e7eb22d]

[b608e7eb22d]One-credit sites[/b608e7eb22d]
$30 http//[]http// - 1/10 2 pending
[i608e7eb22d]You can green here for as low as $4.[/i608e7eb22d][/color608e7eb22d]

Instant payment on green.[/size608e7eb22d][/color608e7eb22d]

I will be available on aim babetran84[/color608e7eb22d] or yahoo lil_babieblue420[/color608e7eb22d] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



04-10-2007 11:37:08


Here are some sites that I'm doing. I will pay on green, but you must be paypal verified, to trade with me.

My COT sites are $20 each or $45 for two.$20$20$22



04-10-2007 13:50:02

Hey I've got this site that I pay INSTANTLY on green for. I'm paying $20 for this super easy site here


I can help out along the way! message me back and let me know!

the only time a refund is needed is if at any time after you green you go red or go on hold, but that never usually needs be done.


04-10-2007 14:04:30

I am paying 100% ($40) for candy.customorderthis


04-10-2007 14:54:28

Some offers and tips sent to you. 8)


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05-11-2007 06:53:41

pmed with more infor


05-11-2007 10:28:43

PM'd with trade propositions )


05-11-2007 10:53:44

sent you a pm


05-11-2007 19:10:12


pm'd you with some ez sites you maybe interested in.



07-11-2007 05:51:30

Here are my sites check them out and let me know if youre interested

http// $20 on green
http// $25 on green
http// $30 on green
http// $40 on green
http// $40 on green
http// $30 on green

http// $40 on green
http// $40 on green
http// $60 on green 2 credit site
http// $25 on green
http// $25 on green
http// $20 on green
http// $20 on green

I have other sites just ask me

dont sign up on any site until you receive my referral link pm me for this
I am currently working on other sites we can work together and earn some money

Also check out my web site for the other offers and pm me for more info Im also starting a forum and blog in order to answer questions etc Please sign the guestbook

My Terms
1) Register on site within 24 hrs of Trade setup
2) Keep me informed on progress
3) If you need help with anything ask me
4) must be paypal verified
5) if you go red i expect refund

So, Happy Trading and good luck