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16-09-2007 13:38:59

Hi and Welcome to my trade thread! Below you will find some opportunities to make some money with me.

But first... a little about me...

I am the proud father of two beautiful children - a son, 9 and a daughter - almost 1, and the proud husband of one beautiful wife (age withheld upon request).

li I am a 2nd grade teacher in the public schools near Cleveland, Ohio.
li I am an honest trader, and offer full support for any of my referrals, whether you are a new member, or have been here awhile.
li I pay on green, but expect a refund or other compensation if you go red.

Here are my current offerings

These are my feature sites and typically credit pretty quickly and easily for those who may be new...

[b9ddb3bdbee]zeropricetags.com - $25
cash.zeropricetags.com - $25
nfl.getstuff4free.org - $25
4evergreens.com - $25[/color9ddb3bdbee][/b9ddb3bdbee]

I also have availability on the sites below. However, since I have not officially opened them, PM me and perhaps we can work something out.


and TRAINN sites

[b9ddb3bdbee]If you complete 2 sites or more, I will give an extra $5.00 on approval for each additional completed site[/color9ddb3bdbee][/b9ddb3bdbee]

Lastly, I have lots of other sites that are available. If the site you would like is not on the lists above, please PM me and ask me about it. If I have it on my list, I will consider making an offer on it and opening it up.

For Fastest service, please reply to this thread, or PM me for referral links.

Thanks for reading and happy trading everyone![/size9ddb3bdbee]


17-09-2007 16:58:55

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22-09-2007 07:15:05

Bump -

Hey, if anyone is reading this. I'm getting close to finishing off the ZPT and 4evergreens sites. I may be able to throw in an extra few $$ if someone would go green for me.

Also, I have opened up 360Elite4free. Paying $27 for a green. Let me know if you're interested.


23-09-2007 09:37:06

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24-09-2007 17:08:30

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27-09-2007 16:42:45