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15-09-2007 17:39:38

Hello and Thanks for checking out my trade thread! Hope we can get these done as soon as possible. All you
have to do is PM me today for a trade on which or both my sites you would like to do. Then I will set up the
trade(s). You will then need to complete one or two offers to get to one full credit. Once done just PM me back
again. Then I will paypal you some money. Once your[/color14b7545077] [u14b7545077][b14b7545077]GREEN[/b14b7545077][/u14b7545077][/color14b7545077]!!!!

[b14b7545077]GIFTS.ZIPNADAZILCH.COM[/b14b7545077] (175 offers to choose from)[/size14b7545077]

[b14b7545077]PAYPAL.ZIPNADAZILCH.COM[/b14b7545077] (175 offers to choose from)[/size14b7545077]

Payment for each separately is [u14b7545077]$20[/u14b7545077] on[/color14b7545077] green[/color14b7545077]. If you do both sites..I will pay [u14b7545077]$45[/u14b7545077] on[/color14b7545077] green[/color14b7545077]. Dont forget to check
my profile! As you can see on it im very nice to work with. If you need a guide on how to [/color14b7545077]green[/color14b7545077] just ask and I
can give you one. Its not problem at all! Happy Trading!! D[/color14b7545077][/size14b7545077]


17-09-2007 13:50:47

8) Have questions?? Feel free to ask....[/colora7a35badf6]


19-09-2007 10:15:08

arrow Still need some [/coloraa21b586f0]greens[/coloraa21b586f0]! PM me today![/coloraa21b586f0]


20-09-2007 12:25:30

idea Greeners needed!!! PM me today!!


22-09-2007 19:11:31

arrow PM me for a trade!!