Paying extra 2 days ONLY - ADVANCE payment $140 on 3 sites!

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13-09-2007 07:32:25

I am trying to finish a couple of my freebie sites today so I am paying extra on them for today and tomorrow ONLY! [/size8885dd5051]

http// 2 credits and Paying $60- $30 in advance (instead of $50) lili1 spot openlili
http// 2 credits and paying $50- $25 in advance (instead of $40) lili1 spot openlili
http// 1 credit and paying $30- $15 in advance (instead of $20) lili I need 2 more on this sitelili

Here's the deal......

I will pay you half in advance with Paypal ONLY if you have a TR over 10 with 100% positive comments. The other half you will get ON GREEN. Pm me as soon as you are green and I will send it.

If you do not have a TR over 10, payment will be on green for the entire amount.

You [u8885dd5051]MUST[/u8885dd5051] green and NOT go red within [u8885dd5051]24 hours[/u8885dd5051]. If you go red I expect full refund to my Paypal.
I am not interested in green for green trades. Do not spam me your links.[/color8885dd5051]

Some of you may not trust me here because my own TR is still 0. I have 1 pending trade, waiting for that person to finish their green. They have already been paid and are .50 credit short. I have a TR 11 on FLR because that is the site I have been working with more so than anywhere else. You can look it up. I am 100% positive rating and I pay immediately. [/color8885dd5051]

If you want this offer, PM me for a referral link. This MUST go thru the trade manager. No exceptions!!