Anybody Wanna Try a Conga Line?

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12-09-2007 20:23:30

What are Conga Lines?

How it works is you join the conga line by signing up for the site under the top referral link in the Conga Line. Then, you complete the offer requirements and once you receive credit for your offer your referral link is added to the Conga Line. When the person at the top gets all their referrals, the next person moves up, and so on.

If you wanna try this with me, PM me or AIM me at TDunham02 and we can make up a list and test this out!


PS. If anyone has any experience with these, feel free to post and give us a review!


13-09-2007 00:32:48

I may be me wit details


13-09-2007 02:48:40

I am interested in .


13-09-2007 11:26:33

No. We do not allow conga lines for normal referral based sites here. Exceptions have been made for I-Deal DIY congas where a single ref is required, but not for regular ref sites.

If you're going to participate in a conga, it must be outside of FiPG -- do not coordinate, recruit, or otherwise post about them here.


13-09-2007 13:46:09

oooo, ok sorry, my bad!