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12-09-2007 17:03:05

I need referrals to get my ps3

Credit Card Required

just sign up through my referral site and you just enter your name e-mail and address. Then you chose one offer(just one is required).

Rewards include 8 referrals - $375, 10 $425, 10 PS3 60GB, 13 PS3 80GB

If I'm forgetting anything here just let me know! Thank you guys so much!


12-09-2007 17:23:25

PM me please I really wanna trade!


12-09-2007 17:26:54

Oh, lawl.

- Remove your ref link.

- You're only allowed to bump your thread once per 24 hours.

- No talk of canceling offers.

Have a thuper day! D


12-09-2007 17:30:58

ok thank you! sorry about that! but still PM me!


12-09-2007 17:35:58

You're still frauding because you're recommend offers, and you're obviously a retard who signs up for offers just to get credit. You're the reason all of the good offers are leaving. I hope you get put on hold. Anyway, nobody is going to do your site for free, people pay $30+ for a Trainn green, so good luck.