Youripodtouch4free for $32 paypal

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12-09-2007 08:00:33

Hello Everyone

I am new to this forum, I have experience on other forums. I am looking for people to do my Trainn ipod touch site for $27 and if you green within 24 hours I will give you another $5.

I can also trade with you if you want. I can do a lot of sites

sandra habina

12-09-2007 22:57:56

Hello I might be interested in this site. I need to see offers to see if I can still green. PM me please


13-09-2007 12:08:10

hi please pm me wiht the offers link..i also may be intrested..ty terry

Freddy Fred

03-10-2007 07:47:50

crazycanuk82 posted this the same day he signed up for youripodtouch site via my link. It is now 22 days and hasn't completed and offer. It appears as though he is waiting for all of his referrals to green before he does. Future traders use caution.