I will do either of the new TRAIN sites - CLOSED

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12-09-2007 06:45:48

I have an offer I'm interested in doing on the TRAIN network.

I will do it on either of the two new train sites. I will only do one though as I'm interested in only one offer. It's instant.

Bid away for it.

PS... you TR has to be higher than mine as I don't want to be paid until i'm green ;)

Please post here


12-09-2007 07:54:40

$27 For YouriStuff4Free or YouriPodTouch4Free


12-09-2007 07:55:45

I'll pay you $30 for the ipod toudh Trainn site


12-09-2007 07:59:41

[quote1ae440bcc4="crazycanuk82"]I'll pay you $30 for the iPod toudh Trainn site[/quote1ae440bcc4]

Good offer but I don't wanna trade with a 0 TR person


12-09-2007 08:06:34

30 for either sites (istuff preferably)


12-09-2007 08:41:58

[quoted23337b9fc="mwt123"]30 for either sites (istuff preferably)[/quoted23337b9fc]

I took mwt123's offer. This is closed