Easiest $20 you can get!!--fast legit crediting site!!

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12-09-2007 00:04:04

Hey everyone, I have some very fast crediting, very legit, sites that I need some refs on. I pay $20-$50 each site, 1 credit-2credits needed, some non cc sites as well!

Post here them pm me for details plz.


12-09-2007 21:46:46

bump up...)

Here's a small list of the site's I'm working on

$20- http//freebiemonster.net
$20- http//ipods.ordergiftsfree.com
$20- http//paypal.2dollardeal.com
$20- http//zeropricetags.com
$40- http//freebies4me.net
$50- http//dell.v-bux.com
Also have these are 2 credits required

$50- http//allforone.yourgiftsfree.com
$50- http//80.macrobucks.com

And 2 non-cc sites
$10- http//zerodollardeal.com
$5- http//noncc.customorderthis.com


14-09-2007 15:06:36

c'mon ppl, I'm working on this one site where I've had 23 refs since Monday and so I'm paying high for the last refs, and I really need serious ppl, because I've gotten 10 refs taht have signed up and vanished--I call them houdini referrals.

So please post here and pm me and I'll give you details!